Random Goodies: San Clemente, CA

San Clemente is one of Carla’s favorite places in California.  We stopped here to take a break and walk around on our way to Los Angeles from San Diego.  During our short visit I can see why Carla enjoys the area so much.

It’s a beautiful little city along the ocean and has a great pier that goes out into the water.  During our visit I had my favorite order of fish tacos ever at a restaurant on the pier.  It also offers a great vantage point for all the surfers, which the area is well known for surfing. Continue reading


Visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon? Our Experiences.

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s better known attractions, conveniently located between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport.  The steaming magically blue waters scream at you to enter.  Many think the lagoon is natural but it is a manmade feature, the water is the byproduct of the nearby geothermal power plant.  The incredibly mineral rich salt water, sourced from deep in the earth, is great for your skin.  It is fully cycled through and renewed every two days, keeping the water fresh.  However, a lot of people question if it is worth it to visit because it isn’t exactly cheap.

Continue reading

Spring for the Direct Flight

When purchasing flights a direct route can certainly be a bit more expensive.  We generally travel pretty frugally and typically book the cheapest available flights.  We don’t mind layovers, however it is definitely important to pay attention to how long the layovers are and total trip length. Continue reading


Lake Michigan Circle Tour Days 6 & 7: Nelis’ Dutch Village / Home

Day 6 was the last hurrah.  We departed Muskegon and spent time in Holland,  the following day we returned home.  The highlight of the two days being our visit to Nelis’ Dutch Village, in Holland.  On our return home we stopped by Bells Brewery and ate at their Eccentric Cafe. Continue reading

What to do in Baraboo? Pewits Nest State Natural Area

A few weeks prior to us visiting Pewits Nest State Natural Area was when we first heard about it.  Seeing one picture had us ready to visit.  A little research only furthered that desire.  Overall the size of the area is pretty small but it is loaded with beauty and fun.  Skillet Creek has carved out a narrow 40 foot gorge in the sandstone, resulting in multiple tiers, small waterfalls, and numerous great swimming spots.  Just outside of Devil’s Lake State Park this small nature area is probably often overlooked but certainly not unknown. Continue reading


Lake Michigan Circle Tour Day 5: Sleeping Bear Dunes

We covered a lot of ground today, with the main portion of our day being occupied in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  We began the day near Charlevoix at Fisherman’s Island State Park and ended all the way down in Muskegon.  The day had a lot of driving but also a lot of stops. Continue reading


Lake Michigan Circle Tour Day 4: U.P. to the Mitten

1_GrandSableLakeDay 4 finds us finishing up in the U.P. and making our way into the lower portion of Michigan.  Breakfast consisted of coffee, pop tarts, and muffins.  After our morning pick me up we packed the gear and hit the road.  The drive started with the ever so enjoyable stretch of road between Hurricane River Campground and Grand Sable Falls.  In between the two is Grand Sable Lake, we had to pull over to soak up the scenery and enjoy a banana – even though we weren’t that hungry. Continue reading


Lake Michigan Circle Tour Day 3: Along Lake Superior

The third day of our trip was easily one of the best, although it was not part of the official Lake Michigan Circle Tour.  We packed up camp at Portage Bay in the morning and headed north towards Lake Superior.  We cruised along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
stopping at all sorts of places.  The weather was perfect and the gorgeous scenery along Lake Superior stunned us along the way. Continue reading


Lake Michigan Circle Tour Days 1 & 2: Into the U.P.

All of the Great Lakes have a circle tour which takes you around the respective lake.  The trips are loaded with natural beauty, scenic driving, and some great small towns (if not cities).  We spent 7 days going clockwise around Lake Michigan, camping most of the way.  It was our first real experience in the U.P. of Michigan, which offers spectacular nature and scenery. Continue reading

Travel. Eat. Enjoy.


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