Devil’s Lake State Park: Rugged Wisconsin Nature

Devil’s Lake State Park is a highly regarded Wisconsin state park.  It is a very unique and interesting park that is conveniently located in south central Wisconsin.  Just a short drive north of Madison it takes about 2 hours to get to from Milwaukee.  The park features bluffs on both sides of the lake that are up to 500 feet high, which is not very common in the state.  Inside the park there are 29 miles of hiking trails, 5 miles of biking trails, and rock climbing [link to map (.pdf)].  Some of Southern Wisconsin’s more adventurous and rugged hiking is available here.

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Milwaukee: Great Lakes Distillery Tour

A while ago Great Lakes Distillery reached out to me through work and offered some complimentary passes to their tour.  It couldn’t have come at a better time because just days before they contacted me I was on their website looking at buying tickets to do a tour!  It was a perfectly timed surprise. Continue reading


Random Goodies: Free Bikes in Ellison Bay

For a very long time the small town of Ellison Bay in Northern Door County had a bunch of bikes on the side of the highway, waiting to be used by anyone who wanted to pedal around.  The bikes weren’t always glamorous and may have been a bit squeaky but it was a neat offering in the town.  Unfortunately they are no longer there and are now a memory of Ellison Bay. Continue reading


Random Goodies: Rock’n Rollercoaster

Disney World features one of my favorite roller coasters, Rock’n Rollercoaster.  Taking off to a screeching start the roller coaster soars away reaching 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds.  While the overall ride experience is short lived the mellow grooves of “Sweet Emotion” pair well with the overall smoothness of the super fast and often inverted ride. Continue reading


Make it out to Monroe

We discovered the fantastically delightful little town of Monroe kind of on accident on an overnight trip planned to New Glarus, WI.  It started with the idea to do the New Glarus Brewery tour and wanting to stay overnight.  To maximize the day we were looking for things to do before/after New Glarus.  We had heard about this little restaurant, Baumgartner’s, which we decided to check out.


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A Special Trip on the Wisconsin Great River Road (PT 3)

The final day of our trip, the day we return home.  We had a lot of driving ahead of us, but not without a delicious breakfast first!  We found some nearby options and made the decision to go to Hell’s Kitchen (not affiliated with the popular tv show), a few blocks away.  Getting outside we were blessed with another beautiful day.  Clear skies and sunny…perfect. Continue reading


A Special Trip on the Wisconsin Great River Road (pt 2)

Day two started off fair enough.  There was a pretty large crowd down at the complimentary continental breakfast of the hotel and we figured out why there were so many BMW’s in the parking lot.  It was a car group doing a trip together.  We quietly enjoyed some food squeezed between two strangers leaning in front of us and talking about all sorts of random interesting things.

After breakfast we geared up for a light hike at Wyalusing State Park, which is just a few minutes south of Prairie Du Chien.  We drove straight in and got out at the scenic bluff that overlooks the Wisconsin River meeting the Mississippi River, a very beautiful sight.  We goofed around there for a few minutes when things took a sudden turn from light hearted to very serious.  In what was a bit of a whirlwind for both of us I dropped down to one knee and asked Carla to marry me.  Five and a half years in the making, she said yes! Continue reading

Travel. Eat. Enjoy.


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